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Hey my name is Jordan Boland and I’m a content creator as well as a streamer! I have a passion for competitive game play since I was young and I love playing in tournaments. I’ve been to every live LAN event that RSG has hosted as well as playing in almost all their online tournaments! I’ve been grinding competitive COD games for a long time playing GameBattles, UMG, CMG etc. My teams have always been top page contenders and I’ve also won other online gaming events!

I love all FPS games but my main focus right now is Fortnite. I’ve been on the competitive grind on Fortnite since it’s been released bringing home the RSG title as well as getting great placements in Fortnite tournaments! I mostly play with my best friend Zach11mall but I play with other RSG supports, streamers and viewers! I hope to see you in the channel soon, please swing by and say hello! If you like what you see make sure to hit the follow button and show some love! You can check me out HERE!