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Hello my name is Ryan Reid and I am a 26 year old streamer photographer and videographer with a passion for video editing that has been streaming since 2017 on twitch ! I mainly focus on FPS gaming but enjoy racing games as well I currently grind Call Of Duty Warzone daily while having as much fun as one can have. Tune anytime for some guaranteed laughs and some hopeful wins ! Hope to see you in there!

East Coast Gaming

Hey Everyone! My name is Mike, I am a 26 year old Newfoundland native, born and raised.

On top of streaming, I own a small detailing business. I’m a father of 2 beautiful children, they keep me going day in and day out.

I am new to the streaming world, but not new to gaming. I’ve been playing Call of duty since MW2, but playing games for as long I can remember starting out on the NES. My main gaming is Call of Duty right now but switch it up every now and then.

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Yoooo what’s poppin’? It’s ya boi, Kennedy AKA KP AKA 709 AKA FPS! I am a 24 year old Peruvian Native, Newfoundland Streamer. For the most part, I’m a competitive Call of Duty gamer. Other games I play are Rust, Rocket League, Diablo, and the Halo series. The first PC game I started playing was Age of Empires, and I was hooked! In later years I got an Xbox 360. Halo, Call of Duty and Gears of War became a big part of building who I was. As those years passed, I got my first car, my interests veered towards automotive; I lived, breathed, thought everything auto. I started learning about detailing and mechanics along with some mechanical engineering during my high school years as well, to which I still carry with me today. I got an actual PC just back in in the beginning of 2019 which easily has well over 5000 hours on it by now. I started streaming on Facebook on Halloween night of 2020, and that’s been the most rewarding decision I’ve ever made. I love meeting new homies, I love interacting with different people and that amongst other reasons is why I made the move to Rock Solid Gaming. I want to thank everyone and let you know that I appreciate you guys rockin’ with me since day one! Bless up fam and see you in the stream!