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Hello my name is Ryan Reid and I am a 26 year old streamer photographer and videographer with a passion for video editing that has been streaming since 2017 on twitch ! I mainly focus on FPS gaming but enjoy racing games as well I currently grind Call Of Duty Warzone daily while having as much fun as one can have. Tune anytime for some guaranteed laughs and some hopeful wins ! Hope to see you in there!


Hello! I am a 29-year-old Hardcore Pc gamer from Newfoundland, Canada. I just started streaming in the summer of 2020 mainly for a hobby. I’m playing games anyways and I just want to showcase my skills. I play all types of FPS games. Mainly Call of duty Modern warfare and Warzone. I used to play Battlefield 5 till that died. In call of duty, I go for high kills and enjoy displaying elite snipes. I can play any type of game, ranging from harvest moon to the hardest games, right back to the retro. I do not have a favourite type of game. Just what ever crosses my eyes. When I am not streaming, I am either working, playing sports or hanging with the family. Stop by twitch to see myself play with my group of friends and brother tearing up all the games we play!