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Greetings, Crossbow infidels!

Call me Jiggy – I’m from the land of happiness (so the media says), Denmark.
I’m a 26 years old content creator here on Facebook Gaming and been since May 2020. I’ve been on Twitch since 2013 as a casual streamer playing League of Legends, DayZ (Arma III mod) & Infestation: Survivor Stories.
I’m bilingual in English & Danish and for the past 5 years I’ve been working as a Front Desk Receptionist for a Boujee 5-star Hotel here in here Denmark together with streaming full time on FB.GG since 2020.
As of this current moment, I’m full dedicated on being your best, ultra-sweaty, trolling & competitive gamer who cannot play a single game without blasting my headphones with Cascada – Evertime We Touch, on Call of Duty’s Warzone – this is my first CoD since my old school Modern Warfare 2/3 days in 2010.

Stop by my stream for the best vibes with “live” music & high tier gameplay and tournaments on FB.GG/JiggyWiggyLive.


Howdy! My name is Austin or GrizzArts. I’m currently 22 years old, and I’m born and raised in Columbus ,Mississippi. I’m also married with a daughter!

I started playing video games since I could form a sentence. I started playing call off duty when I was at my cousins house and he had a Xbox360 with cod4. His gamer tag was CheapMold. Lol I know right? Anyways, ever sense playing it then I’ve had a wild ride of systems, I’ve played it on ps3 and talked my mom into getting me a ps3 with mw2 and just kept going, mw3, bo1, bo2, ghost,any call of duty except the jet pack cods.

I got involved with the gaming community so much I started designing and joined a pub stomping team on YouTube. The team was RushPubstomping. I started a YouTube and uploaded design stuff and gameplays. Gained a few hundred subscribers but my father passed from cancer and I lost all motivation, so as you can imagine, I quit.
Skip ahead a few years I’m streaming on Facebook anywhere from 3-7+ hours a day. Managing a full time job, family, and streaming isn’t easy. But when you love something, it doesn’t seem like a job or a chore. I have fun playing games, sweating a little, and hanging out with my chat.

I’d love to have you come hang hot and become apart of the best squad on Facebook, the BearSquad!


Hi all!

My name is Brian

I am Buford T. Justice on Facebook also known as Uncle BRUTHUR!! Come join us in THE EXPERIENCE!!

I am a content creator from Newfoundland Canada who first started out on twitch 2 years ago but I have since moved to Facebook gaming and really never looked back. The journey of streaming has been amazing as I have gotten to meet many wonderful people and even call some of them good friends!

I classify myself as a variety stream as I play just about everything you could imagine from simulations big and small to first person shooters, to racing games, I enjoy a good laugh and great company while I’m at it. I have a beautiful wife, with 2 dogs and a lovely home. I try to get out about 25- 30 hours of content per week and I try to mix it up so it’s always fresh, so be sure to stop by my page on Facebook to show some support. I look forward to seeing you in the chat BRUTHURS and SISTURS!!!