Warzone Montage Featuring Stringman

My name is Tyler

Most of you know me that I am also known as Stringman or StringmanLIVE over on Twitch and Facebook. If you never heard of me then take the time to get to know me!

I am a content creator for RockSolidGaming, Im from Newfoundland, Canada and just started streaming this past summer. So far I have not looked back and regretted a single thing as its been an amazing time getting to know you guys and meet many new faces that tunred into a family!

Some of you might wonder what kind of games I play and also stream, Personally I would like to think of myself as an FPS streamer. This is mainly around Call of Duty, such as Warzone but also high tier Search and Destroy gameplay where I play for money against the best players in the world. My goal going into this upcoming Call of Duty title is to stream for at least 4-5 hours on all weekdays once Im off work, then even more on the weekends when Im free! I hope you guys get to stop in and check out what myself and the rest of the community have going on over on Twitch, Stop in and say Hi!

Twitch : twitch.tv/StringmanLIVE
Twitter : @StringerCOD
Instagram: StringmanLIVE
Facebook: fb.gg/StringmanLIVE