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Ghetto Stankin

Yo! My name is Jeremy Bouzane, I’m 23 years old, born and raised in Grand Falls-Windsor Newfoundland. I grew up playing call of duty at a very young age competitively with the best of the best players around, top page cod player as a kid and top page game battles before i was out of middle school. I’m live streaming in the days on twitch and living life to the fullest throughout the nights! A little extra competitive and toxic with a huge ego but I mean who doesn’t love that. Basically, the best to ever touch the sticks on every game! Pop in my live twitch channel Sunday to Friday evenings 3-9/11PM Nfld time!! Pop in hit that follow and have a chat with me as I’m very interactive with people!  Love all you legends now let’s get crazy and drop some nukes! LETS GO! :heart: Check out my stream HERE!