Online Fortnite Duo's Tournament – March24th

Hello Fortnite Fans! We have our SIXTH Online Fortnite Duo’s Tournament date picked out, and it’s on March 24th 2019 and will start @ 4pm NDT! This tournament will be cross platform between PC/XBOX/PS4/Switch.

Registration will be closed as of Friday, March22nd @ 5pm NDT. The bracket will be made by our RSG team to provide the best and most fair games possible and posted on Saturday, March 23rd!

When registering your team, please ensure that you provide us with your EPIC GAMES account name, and not your PSN or Xbox Live usernames. Failure to give the correct Epic Games account name could result in missing out on your match!

To enter the tournament, everyone must first read the Guidelines @

Once you’ve read the guidelines, please register your team @

You can find all rules and how matches will be played @

Once you’ve submitted your teams registration forum and send your entry fee, you will receive an email telling you that you’ve been entered. Once the bracket has been made, you will then receive an email with the bracket and the Epic Games account name for everyone in the tournament! We will post in our group as well so please keep an eye @

This tournament will be live streamed and commentated once again by our very own Liam Penney and Nick Callahan! These guys do such an amazing job each tournament! Be sure to check them out @

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