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Slim Higgs

Howdy all,

My name is Cody, but some people may know me as Slimhiggs or Slim. I am a content creator originally from Newfoundland, Canada that moved to Alberta, Canada about 6 years ago.
I am a father of two to amazing boys Ben and DJ.

I found my true love for video games a lot later then most. I had all the retro systems but never found the deep connection with gaming until about 2009 when I found Call of Duty MW2 and that’s where it all started!

I now am an avid PC battle royale player.
I played 3000+ hours of PUBG (Player Unknown Battle Ground) over the past couple years and have moved on to currently playing Call of Duty Warzone !

You can catch me live Monday to Saturday 8pm MST @ www.facebook.com/Slimhiggs

Much love,

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