Hey, my name is Dario and I stream out of South Florida. I’m one of the few Americans that are a part of RSG. Originally, I’m from New Hampshire which is close enough to consider myself Canadian, eh? Oh, and I like to play video games! I mainly play FPS like Call of Duty, and Halo. I’ve been competitively gaming since I was 13 but took a break after I sold my Xbox in college. Years later I randomly picked up a controller at my buddy’s house and got reattached to gaming. I was back to playing every night when the pandemic hit. Then I decided to put a camera in front of myself and take my passion seriously. Almost a year later and now I’m a full-time streamer at 27 years old and loving every moment of it. If you want to check out intense/ funny gameplay while competing for money swing by the stream!

www. Facebook.com/DarioStreams