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About Us

Trawn Media is literally the publicly used name for all videos, streams and other content made and
distributed by Trevor Warren and Shawn Snow. The name Trawn started as a couple name, combining
the first 2 letters of Trevor and the last 3 letters of Shawn, which we both felt sounded way better than
Shevor. (Can you even imagine “Shevor Media?”)

When we first started making videos on YouTube we focused solely on videos about vaping and vape
products, and while coming up with a name for the channel we decided to incorporate our couple name
into it, so out original name Vaper Trawn was born. A couple years later this had slowly fallen to the
back burner for a number of reasons. First and foremost, it was getting expensive to constantly come up
with new products to review and new ideas for content while staying within our chosen niche.
Secondly, that chosen niche itself was starting to feel a bit restrictive, since we both have a wide variety
of interests and wanted to explore those as well. Finally, the proverbial straw the broke the camel’s back
was when our content was starting to get flagged for supposed drug use, despite the only drug involved
being nicotine and all the products we reviewed being available without even that in them.

Fast forward a few years and we are now in our own apartment with the freedom to create whatever
content we want without worrying about interfering with things others wanted to do (such as people
wanting to cook when we were using the kitchen or watch tv/relax on the sofa while we were making a
video in the living room), but still just weren’t looking to go back to just vaping content. We considered
having multiple channels and different names, but trying to keep them all updated with content just
seemed too daunting a task for just 2 people, and we didn’t feel right asking people to put a huge
amount of time into helping us unless we could offer to pay them for their time. On top of the daunting
task of managing multiple channels we also had to support ourselves so we really didn’t see any way to
do that and still produce enough content for multiple channels.

We eventually realized we don’t need to do that. We had a YouTube channel with a small number of
fans who really liked our overall style and the way we are on camera, and some of them were asking
for more content. We also realized that with all the general content channels and streams out there that
there is clearly a place and a demand for them. All we needed was a name and at this point that was the
easiest part. We still wanted Trawn in the name and it was gong to be a general name for all forms of
content we make across all types of media, including both videos and streaming, so Trawn Media was an obvious fit.

Now here we are, Trawn Media. We’re focusing mainly on gaming streams at this time but with the
wide variety of games out there we really feel no restriction in this whatsoever. This is made even
better by the very different types of games we both enjoy. From racing games to first person shooters to
simulators almost any type of game you can name is something one of us will enjoy, so there really is
no shortage or limit on that front. At the same time we do also plan to introduce other things as well.

The game streams will continue of course, because we have both found we enjoy streaming games at
least as much as people enjoy watching them, but other things are being planned in addition to this.
There are already videos on our FB page from streams of our walk through Bowring Park, where we
showed a few of our own favorite features, or at least as much as we could without showing the faces
of other people without knowing how they would feel about being in our streams/videos. We also have
a video up of an old style soft mod of an X-Box Original, which is a great way of being able to play
backups of your games so the original disks can stay safe in the cases. There are even a couple of cooking videos up and more to come.

Overall we think this new format will allow much greater creative freedom, and the ability to explore
more of our interests with our viewers that we ever could have under the Vaper Trawn name. We look
forward to where this will take us, and hope that as we learn and progress in our content producing
skills people looking for all types of content will start to see the Trawn Media name as a sign that this is
exactly the type of video, stream, photo album or any other media form they are looking for.


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