RSG Welcomes - GrizzArts!

Howdy! My name is Austin or GrizzArts. I’m currently 22 years old, and I’m born and raised in Columbus ,Mississippi. I’m also married with a daughter!

I started playing video games since I could form a sentence. I started playing call off duty when I was at my cousins house and he had a Xbox360 with cod4. His gamer tag was CheapMold. Lol I know right? Anyways, ever sense playing it then I’ve had a wild ride of systems, I’ve played it on ps3 and talked my mom into getting me a ps3 with mw2 and just kept going, mw3, bo1, bo2, ghost,any call of duty except the jet pack cods.

I got involved with the gaming community so much I started designing and joined a pub stomping team on YouTube. The team was RushPubstomping. I started a YouTube and uploaded design stuff and gameplays. Gained a few hundred subscribers but my father passed from cancer and I lost all motivation, so as you can imagine, I quit.
Skip ahead a few years I’m streaming on Facebook anywhere from 3-7+ hours a day. Managing a full time job, family, and streaming isn’t easy. But when you love something, it doesn’t seem like a job or a chore. I have fun playing games, sweating a little, and hanging out with my chat.

I’d love to have you come hang hot and become a part of the best squad on Facebook, the BearSquad!
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