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If you have any questions, suggestions or concerns about anything, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We take pride in responding in a timely manner and we encourage suggestions from everyone so don’t feel as if your opinion won’t matter. Here at Rock Solid Gaming, we listen to everyone and we will do our best to deliver to the gaming community!

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Online Tournament Staff

The list blow are a list of your Tournament Officials and their contact info. We highly suggest that you add these people to your clients for quick and efficient access in the case that issues arise during the tournament. We are all here to help you out as best we can. You can contact anyone on this list at anytime if you have questions! As stated above, we will not tolerate any abuse whatsoever.

Albert Collins

  • Epic Games: RSG_Albo
  • Email:
  • DiscordID: NewfieAlb#8217


Adam Pennel

  • Epic Games: NewfieLegit
  • Email:
  • DiscordID: newfielegit69#7519


John Hyde

  • Epic Games: RSG_Hyde
  • Email:
  • DiscordID: Johnny#0120


Matthew Lawlor

  • Epic Games: RSG_Ephemell
  • Email:
  • DiscordID:Maxx#3959
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Let us help you out with your issues. View the list of support networks below for more assistance.

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