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What Is Rock Solid Gaming?

Rock Solid Gaming is an eSports organization has been built by a group of life-long friends to bring together the gaming community and competitive gaming community together by hosting frequent gaming events around eastern Canada. To help us achieve this, we look to target a wide range of different types of games to have at our events while having a tournament in each game.

RSG has many goals in it's future but over the next year we look to bring to you a fully functioning store, giveaways, sponsorship updates, online gaming event tournaments and last but not least live LAN competitive tournaments with high prize pools! With the help from our community and supporters, we hope to bring many more great experiences in the eSports world. We hope that you join us through this journey we've set out on and that you have an amazing time with us. We hope to bring many fun filled competitive events to the gaming community! If you have any questions, suggestions or concerns about Rock Solid Gaming, please feel free to contact us!

Check Out Our June Tournament Schedule!

Our Goals

Host Gaming Events

Rock Solid Gaming looks to bring monthly gaming events for all ages to attend. We will do our best to get a wide variety of games so that everyone can come enjoy our event! Young or old, we encourage everyone to come out and enjoy yourself! There is no age restriction on games! Come to upcoming events and support your friends and local gamers! Keep in mind, all Rock Solid Gaming events are drug & alcohol free!

Competitive Gaming

Rock Solid Gaming strongly supports competitive gaming. We feel as if there isn’t much option for gamers of eastern Canada to get out there and show off their talents and that’s one of the reasons we decided to start Rock Solid Gaming. As we all know, with competitive gaming comes cash prizes! Rock Solid Gaming will strive to bring to you the biggest cash prizes possible! What better rush would it be to be playing a semi-final game for a large cash prize with a room full of people watching you? Come test your skills and find out!

Bring the community together

Here at Rock Solid Gaming, it is our first priority to bring the gaming community together. We feel like currently the eSports community is always being divided. If it isn’t a struggle between PC, PS4 and Xbox then it’s companies releasing two new games at once – Call of Duty -. Our number one priority is to bring the gaming community together so we can enjoy games together without division! Rock Solid Gaming promises a clean venue for our live eSports events with a friendly atmosphere!