Variety Gaming Montage Featuring BTJ Games

Hi all!

My name is Brian

I am Buford T. Justice on Facebook also known as Uncle BRUTHUR!! Come join us in THE EXPERIENCE!!

I am a content creator from Newfoundland Canada who first started out on twitch 2 years ago but I have since moved to Facebook gaming and really never looked back. The journey of streaming has been amazing as I have gotten to meet many wonderful people and even call some of them good friends!

I classify myself as a variety stream as I play just about everything you could imagine from simulations big and small to first person shooters, to racing games, I enjoy a good laugh and great company while I’m at it. I have a beautiful wife, with 2 dogs and a lovely home. I try to get out about 25- 30 hours of content per week and I try to mix it up so it’s always fresh, so be sure to stop by my page on Facebook to show some support. I look forward to seeing you in the chat BRUTHURS and SISTURS!!!

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