RSG Featured Streamer Ep.3 -  KroniikzNL

My name is KroniikzNL and I also been known to go by KC! I’m 25 years old from Newfoundland Canada and a proud member of RSG organization . Started playing games at a young age mainly around sports. My competitive gaming started with nba 2k and it transitioned over to fortnite where I started competing on a higher level. It lead me to start streaming in June of 2020 where I later moved into the warzone scene.

You can catch me streaming on one of the two pages twitch or facebook. We built an amazing community so far and would love to have you guys around! Check out my socials for more content and updates about streams! Don’t forget to use code KroniikzNL at the RSG checkout to get 5% off some unreal merch!! 😉

Instagram: KroniikzNL
Twitter: KroniikzNL
TikTok: RSGkroniikznl