I go by Rage, RageOC, or simply the step daddy you wish you had.

I am a streamer located in the Southwest United States. I am a father, step father, dog father and excellent ex-husband with a loving girlfriend that definitely reminds me just how lucky I am. I spend my days playing games inside while I avoid using the diving pool outside my office window. I can see it and that’s close enough. 

I started streaming on Twitch about a year and a half ago because hitting 40 with no hobbies other than “watching my shows” felt weird. Now, I stream 5 days a week on Twitch and play an absolute variety of games. From shooters to ARPGs, from RPGs to roguelikes… I have probably played that game. Did I finish it you ask? Now.. see, that’s an interesting question and well, we don’t answer that. And yes, I definitely preordered that next big game coming out without even thinking of finishing games sitting in my library. I am an ADHD adult and I never shy away from viewing this as a super power, rather than a detriment, although the number of energy drinks I consume to keep it in check may be a detriment to my wallet.

So, if grey beard strokes, bad jokes, mediocre gameplay across all the games under the sun and an endless supply of “What was I just doing?” remarks are just your thing, come by, maybe –  “stay a while and listen.”