My name is Khyell (Kyle) or as some know me, Crack Shot ! I’m 26 years old, straight outta the east coast of New Brunswick, Canada. Lived and breathed video games since I was just 5 years old. Playing my first ever video game on the PS1. I could not put the controller down!

I’ve always dreamed of making a career outta video games but I didn’t know where. I found my passion when I started streaming all the games I played. I love sharing all the funny, intense, emotional, and chaotic things that happen when I play games. Generally you’ll see me playing the most recent Battle Royale trend, or I like to wind things down in the evenings and play some story driven solo games.

I play generally on PS4, but have just joined the PC master race in August! Using controller on PC!  Welcome to the Crack Shot Crew! I hope you enjoy your stay, and continue to slay !

LIVE @ 9AM Atlantic Everyday exclusively on Facebook Gaming.