Hey guys, it’s Geevs or Geev on twitch. Welcome to the G squad, I’ve been gaming ever since I can remember! I have developed into more of an BR player but I also like to play a lot more games as well. I usually play BR until I get too mad to play then I’ll switch over to a more peaceful game lol but if your looking to be entertained by someone raging, I’m your guy! I don’t stream for a living, I work at a iron ore mine up in Nunavut;I’m on a month on month off rotation so expect a month of me not streaming. I eventually wanna get to the point where I don’t have to work but I’m gonna need to grind a few more hours with the help of all of you guys!! Thanks for the support and the continuing support as my channel grows, I will never forget it!! Watch me at twitch.tv/geev