RSG Welcomes - DarioStreams

Hey what’s up guys! I’m writing this to give you a little background on who I am. My name’s Dario and I stream out of South Florida. I’m a full time streamer that’s in love with playing video games! My whole life I’ve mainly played First Person Shooter games like Call of Duty, and Halo. Ever since I was 13 I’ve been competitively playing games on websites like GameBattles and Major League Gaming. When I got to University I hung up the sticks for a while with the exception of the random Zombies game here and there with some friends.

Years later after I graduated I picked up a controller at my buddy’s house and got reattached to gaming. I was back to my old schedule of playing every night when the pandemic hit. At my work job security was not guaranteed anymore and I wasn’t happy there so I knew this was the best opportunity to test out streaming. The next day I set up my gaming page, put a camera in front of myself, and started to turn my passion into a career. 

Over a year later and now I’m a full-time streamer at 27 and loving every moment of it. At the Palm Squad there’s one of two scenarios going on 1) high-level game play while competing in tournaments or 2) funny/ trolling content that never gets old. Which ever scenario is happening when you pop in always expect us to have good vibes and high energy! If you’re interested in being a part of the journey the link to my streaming channel is below. Come swing by and say “what’s up”!