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RSG content creator partner


Introducing PorfectBean - RSG's second female Partner

Hiya! Im Kasey aka PorfectBean or Bean whatever you want to call! I grew up in New Jersey and
now im across tha country in Califorina! During the day I work in the video game industry and by
night im a streamer!
Growing up I played a lot of sports, I played soccer and ran track, so I never got the chance to
play any of the older games so chat and I are going through a bunch of those together! If you
want to see what games we have played you can also find those here!

We also play a lot of horror games and chat loves to see how high my heart rate can get, pretty
sure the record is 150 ish right now and we are trying to break that record!
We have a loving community and would love to see there 🙂
You can always find me on my socials as well 🙂


Hey Boo Boo, My name is Ben A.K.A NewfoundWink A.K.A Wink. I am 30 Years old, born in Newfoundland Canada.

I grow up my whole life playing hockey at all levels from junior to college to the AHL. It made for some great adventures and amazing opportunities to meet some amazing people. Without it I wouldn’t have meet my fiancé Krysta or ending up with my beautiful husky Atlas. However, through my travels and hockey I had a lot of down time, a lot of lonely nights and a lot of boredom lol. Gaming however was always something that filled that. Once I stepped away from hockey, I always keep gaming, and one day I tried streaming and well… here we are. I was/kind of still am a partner streamer on Facebook BUT I stream full time on and love it.

Can’t wait to see you all there😊 #winkfam #RSG

Love NewfoundWink’s content & want to support him even further?


Welcome Inspith

Hello, thank you for stopping by!

My name is Kyle aka “Inspith”, I’m a 22 year old from the beautiful province of Newfoundland and Labrador but I was born in Scarborough, Ontario. I am also married with two amazing children.

I have been playing video games most of my life, mainly Call of Duty which I started playing back when BO1 came out. Ever since then I have gained a strong passion for becoming a full time streamer/content creator.

I enjoy making others happy an entertained, I’m also super chill with high energy and good vibes. Stop by the stream to see how I am all about crazy gameplay and having a good time!

Keep in touch by following my SOCIALS!

Killem Gillam

Welcome Killem Gillam

Hey!! I’m Aamie Gillam, also known as Killem_Gillam! I’m a 30-something year old from Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada and I’m a full time streamer/content creator on Twitch. I’m a former Television and Radio personality, a Pro Photographer and a Voice Actor. I was invited to join RSG November 2021 and jumped at the opppurtnity to be part of the community and stream team and am honored to be here! I’ve been a gamer my whole life, starting with NES and SEGA as a kid, rockin’ the Duck Hunt and Sonic the Hedgehog, followed by PS1 playing Tomb Raider, Crash Bandicoot and Spyro. I played Need for Speed on a racing sim at 13 and formed a passion for racing games which grew into a love of Gran Turismo and Grand Theft Auto games throughout my teens. In 2002 Socom Navy Seals was released for PS2 and soon after I tried my first FPS game along with online game voice chat. My love for FPS (and sniping!) was born. I played every Socom and Call of Duty game that was released until 2011. During that time I also played World of Warcraft heavily with my whole family ‘For the Horde!’. From 2011 until 2020 I played video games casually off and on due to my hectic work and business life. In May 2020 during the covid pandemic my photography business was put on hold and I decided to fill my extra free time with gaming. I purchased a PS4 (I played casually on Xbox before that) and immediately downloaded Warzone and Modern Warfare. My love for FPS came straight back! I was encouraged to join Twitch and start streaming due to my Television and Radio background and decided to start on Twitch July 2020, straight from PS4 in my living room – no camera. I quickly fell in love with streaming, the community that formed around me and the people I met and grew my stream to a multicamera set up in a dedicated stream room. I was invited to join RSG in November 2021 and in January 2022 I took the leap into full time streaming and haven’t looked back! My community; The Killem Krew, supports me and my stream dream to the moon and back and have made a name for themselves as accepting, welcoming, inspiring people. Over the last year they have purchased my new PC for me so I can provide better quality content with PC games, my SCUF Gaming Controller, My SecretLab Chair and more. They are simply, the best, and I wouldn’t be where I am today without the Killem Krew.

If you drop by my stream, prepare for a mix of high energy and chill vibes – depending on the game and day. I play COD, Fortnite, Dead by Daylight, GTA, Monster World Hunter and so much more! I also enjoy chatting with my community and new friends, hosting customs and supporting other streamers with streaming tips and how To’s. You’ll also likely catch a glimpse of my wiener dog, he’s pretty cute, along with Camy the Chameleon, my stream mascot! Rock on! Killem

Find me on my socials below!


My name is Tyler

Most of you know me that I am also known as Stringman or StringmanLIVE over on Twitch and Facebook. If you never heard of me then take the time to get to know me!

I am a content creator for RockSolidGaming, Im from Newfoundland, Canada and just started streaming this past summer. So far I have not looked back and regretted a single thing as its been an amazing time getting to know you guys and meet many new faces that tunred into a family!

Some of you might wonder what kind of games I play and also stream, Personally I would like to think of myself as an FPS streamer. This is mainly around Call of Duty, such as Warzone but also high tier Search and Destroy gameplay where I play for money against the best players in the world. My goal going into this upcoming Call of Duty title is to stream for at least 4-5 hours on all weekdays once Im off work, then even more on the weekends when Im free! I hope you guys get to stop in and check out what myself and the rest of the community have going on over on Twitch, Stop in and say Hi!

Twitch :
Twitter : @StringerCOD
Instagram: StringmanLIVE

Reidinson Media

Hey everyone, I’m Ryan Reid, or better known as Reidinson. I am a born and raised Newfoundlander. From a young age I’ve always been a Call of Duty player that was the type to stand in the corner of my room on a stool to see the tv better during play sessions. I didn’t really kick things into high gear until 2017, when I got hooked on gaming again. This led into me streaming on Twitch for 3 years with little direction as to where to go. In 2019, I had a life event that made me realize just how precious life can be; so I made the choice to dive head-first and turn my passion for videography and video editing into a self-made career. In 2020, in addition to Twitch, I started streaming on Facebook. Not long after I started, I met an amazing group of people who not only had the same fire and drive that I did, but fueled it and pushed me to be a better version of myself. I met the RSG Crew. After a little while, I was asked by Alb if I would like to join Rock Solid Gaming, and the rest is history! Other than gaming my passion is capturing moments and turning them into works of art. I found my passion for videography, photography, and video editing in 2018 and has grown into an amazing career! I started Reidinson Media in 2019 with a dream of making videos like the ones I watched as a young kid that drove me to do everything I do today!

Dario Streams

Hey what’s up guys! I’m writing this to give you a little background on who I am. My name’s Dario and I stream out of South Florida. I’m a full time streamer that’s in love with playing video games! My whole life I’ve mainly played First Person Shooter games like Call of Duty, and Halo. Ever since I was 13 I’ve been competitively playing games on websites like GameBattles and Major League Gaming. When I got to University I hung up the sticks for a while with the exception of the random Zombies game here and there with some friends.

Years later after I graduated I picked up a controller at my buddy’s house and got reattached to gaming. I was back to my old schedule of playing every night when the pandemic hit. At my work job security was not guaranteed anymore and I wasn’t happy there so I knew this was the best opportunity to test out streaming. The next day I set up my gaming page, put a camera in front of myself, and started to turn my passion into a career. 

Over a year later and now I’m a full-time streamer at 27 and loving every moment of it. At the Palm Squad there’s one of two scenarios going on 1) high-level game play while competing in tournaments or 2) funny/ trolling content that never gets old. Which ever scenario is happening when you pop in always expect us to have good vibes and high energy! If you’re interested in being a part of the journey the link to my streaming channel is below. Come swing by and say “what’s up”!



RSG Welcomes - GrizzArts!

Howdy! My name is Austin or GrizzArts. I’m currently 22 years old, and I’m born and raised in Columbus ,Mississippi. I’m also married with a daughter!

I started playing video games since I could form a sentence. I started playing call off duty when I was at my cousins house and he had a Xbox360 with cod4. His gamer tag was CheapMold. Lol I know right? Anyways, ever sense playing it then I’ve had a wild ride of systems, I’ve played it on ps3 and talked my mom into getting me a ps3 with mw2 and just kept going, mw3, bo1, bo2, ghost,any call of duty except the jet pack cods.

I got involved with the gaming community so much I started designing and joined a pub stomping team on YouTube. The team was RushPubstomping. I started a YouTube and uploaded design stuff and gameplays. Gained a few hundred subscribers but my father passed from cancer and I lost all motivation, so as you can imagine, I quit.
Skip ahead a few years I’m streaming on Facebook anywhere from 3-7+ hours a day. Managing a full time job, family, and streaming isn’t easy. But when you love something, it doesn’t seem like a job or a chore. I have fun playing games, sweating a little, and hanging out with my chat.

I’d love to have you come hang hot and become a part of the best squad on Facebook, the BearSquad!