On The Block: A Day in the Life of Reidinson

Hey everyone, I’m Ryan Reid, or better known as Reidinson. I am a born and raised Newfoundlander. From a young age I’ve always been a Call of Duty player that was the type to stand in the corner of my room on a stool to see the tv better during play sessions. I didn’t really kick things into high gear until 2017, when I got hooked on gaming again. This led into me streaming on Twitch for 3 years with little direction as to where to go. In 2019, I had a life event that made me realize just how precious life can be; so I made the choice to dive head-first and turn my passion for videography and video editing into a self-made career. In 2020, in addition to Twitch, I started streaming on Facebook. Not long after I started, I met an amazing group of people who not only had the same fire and drive that I did, but fueled it and pushed me to be a better version of myself. I met the RSG Crew. After a little while, I was asked by Alb if I would like to join Rock Solid Gaming, and the rest is history! Other than gaming my passion is capturing moments and turning them into works of art. I found my passion for videography, photography, and video editing in 2018 and has grown into an amazing career! I started Reidinson Media in 2019 with a dream of making videos like the ones I watched as a young kid that drove me to do everything I do today!