Introducing PorfectBean - RSG's second female Partner

Hiya! Im Kasey aka PorfectBean or Bean whatever you want to call! I grew up in New Jersey and
now im across tha country in Califorina! During the day I work in the video game industry and by
night im a streamer!
Growing up I played a lot of sports, I played soccer and ran track, so I never got the chance to
play any of the older games so chat and I are going through a bunch of those together! If you
want to see what games we have played you can also find those here!

We also play a lot of horror games and chat loves to see how high my heart rate can get, pretty
sure the record is 150 ish right now and we are trying to break that record!
We have a loving community and would love to see there 🙂
You can always find me on my socials as well 🙂