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Killem Gillam

Welcome Killem Gillam

Hey!! I’m Aamie Gillam, also known as Killem_Gillam! I’m a 30-something year old from Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada and I’m a full time streamer/content creator on Twitch. I’m a former Television and Radio personality, a Pro Photographer and a Voice Actor. I was invited to join RSG November 2021 and jumped at the opppurtnity to be part of the community and stream team and am honored to be here! I’ve been a gamer my whole life, starting with NES and SEGA as a kid, rockin’ the Duck Hunt and Sonic the Hedgehog, followed by PS1 playing Tomb Raider, Crash Bandicoot and Spyro. I played Need for Speed on a racing sim at 13 and formed a passion for racing games which grew into a love of Gran Turismo and Grand Theft Auto games throughout my teens. In 2002 Socom Navy Seals was released for PS2 and soon after I tried my first FPS game along with online game voice chat. My love for FPS (and sniping!) was born. I played every Socom and Call of Duty game that was released until 2011. During that time I also played World of Warcraft heavily with my whole family ‘For the Horde!’. From 2011 until 2020 I played video games casually off and on due to my hectic work and business life. In May 2020 during the covid pandemic my photography business was put on hold and I decided to fill my extra free time with gaming. I purchased a PS4 (I played casually on Xbox before that) and immediately downloaded Warzone and Modern Warfare. My love for FPS came straight back! I was encouraged to join Twitch and start streaming due to my Television and Radio background and decided to start on Twitch July 2020, straight from PS4 in my living room – no camera. I quickly fell in love with streaming, the community that formed around me and the people I met and grew my stream to a multicamera set up in a dedicated stream room. I was invited to join RSG in November 2021 and in January 2022 I took the leap into full time streaming and haven’t looked back! My community; The Killem Krew, supports me and my stream dream to the moon and back and have made a name for themselves as accepting, welcoming, inspiring people. Over the last year they have purchased my new PC for me so I can provide better quality content with PC games, my SCUF Gaming Controller, My SecretLab Chair and more. They are simply, the best, and I wouldn’t be where I am today without the Killem Krew.

If you drop by my stream, prepare for a mix of high energy and chill vibes – depending on the game and day. I play COD, Fortnite, Dead by Daylight, GTA, Monster World Hunter and so much more! I also enjoy chatting with my community and new friends, hosting customs and supporting other streamers with streaming tips and how To’s. You’ll also likely catch a glimpse of my wiener dog, he’s pretty cute, along with Camy the Chameleon, my stream mascot! Rock on! Killem

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