Warzone Montage Featuring NurVes

Welcome!! My name is Shay, my online name is NurVes. I am 25 years old, born in NFLD!

I started playing Call of Duty in CoD3, up until Black Ops 2. I always liked just having a laugh and playing with the guys! I played A LOT of Gamebattles SnD, to the point where my GB rank was 2k. I quit all games except WoW for about 5 years, then I started streaming on Twitch about a year ago. I was holding a strong 20-30 viewers with 90 subs, but I wanted to grow & live my ultimate passion of being a Full-time Streamer/Content Creator.

In January 2020 I decided it was time to switch to PC, which I put the controller down and tried MnKB & Fortnite for the first time. I grinded and had MASSIVE progress within 30 days. April 2020 I wanted a change and moved to Facebook Gaming and NEVER looked back! I am a SUPER positive, hyped, and all about the good vibes streamer.

I grind CoD Warzone 9AM (EST) Daily, we are at 20k followers, and would love to have YOU join

Facebook: FB.GG/NurVes
Socials: NurVes