1. All players from each team must join our discord @ https://www.discord.io/rocksolid_gg
  2. The tournament will be played on September 4th @ 2:30pm EST
  3. Once we’ve reached the 16 teams OR 5pm TWO days prior to the tournament, registration will be closed.
  4. Minimum of 6 teams required for tournament to run.
  5. This Online tournament will be Cross-platform and all platforms are able to play!
  6. The tournament is 4v4 and each team can only have 4 players.
  7. All players must stream.
  8. All games are best of 3 and single elimination.
  9. Finals will be best of 5 “maps”.
  10. All games will be played using Call of Duty League in-game settings- CDL Rules. Rules can be found HERE!
  11. GA rule sets are applied to this tournament. They can be found HERE!
  12. All teams have a 5 minute grace period between games to get into the lobby and be ready to play. An additional 5 minute wait period can be granted by the RSG tournament officials. Teams will be expected to play down a man or forfeit if they delay longer.
  13. Lowest seed hosts first game (lowest being closest to 1). Higher seed team hosts second game. If there is a third game, the team with the most rounds won is host. If that is tied, the team who won the last round of game two hosts.
  14. When you submit your teams registration, please ensure the players ACTIVISION and DISCORD usernames are correct. If the ACTIVISION account you submitted and the in game names don’t match, those people will not be able to play. If you of your teammate is playing on PS4 or Xbox, please ensure to give Activision & NOT  PSN/XBL gamertags to ensure there’s no issues!
  15. To register it will cost $50 a team – $10/person towards prize pool and $2.50 entry fee.
  16. The tournament will be LIVE STREAMED & commentated @ www.twitch.tv/rocksolid_gg
  17. The tournament bracket will be picked by the RSG team.
  18. Pay outs will be determined on the day of the tournament by the number of teams that enter but will follow this format: 1st place-100%
  19. The prize pool will be as follows:
    $400 for 13 teams or less
    $600 for 14 or more teams.
  20. It’s every players responsibility to ensure they have proof of their wins. We suggest that at least one person records matches or takes pictures of the score board. If there’s a dispute, you have to show proof of your win via picture or video. You submit your proof in the “report-score” text channel on our discord in the “Tournaments” tab.
  21. Once the tournament bracket has started there is NO refunds available.
  22. Once the tournament bracket has been started teams cannot be changed. If you need to change a player out before the bracket is generated or started, you may do so.
  23. If for any reason the tournament doesn’t go ahead, entrees will be refunded by the same method of payment.
  24. RSG reserves the right to change these guidelines and rules at anytime.

This tournament rule set is the same as CDL Variant rules and all rules can be found below and at the following link: https://callofdutyleague.com/en-us/competitive-settings

Search & Destroy In Game Settings

Win Conditions
Time Limit:1 M : 30 S
Round Limit:Unlimited
Round Win Limit:6 Rounds
Bomb Timer:45 Seconds
Plant Time:5 Seconds
Defuse Time:7.5 Seconds
Multi Bomb:Disabled
Switch Sides:Every Round
Silent Plant:Enabled
Number of Lives:1 Life
Respawn Delay:Disabled
Force Respawn:Enabled
Wave Spawn Delay:Disabled
Suicide Penalty:Disabled
Team Killed Penalty:Disabled
Number of Lives Per Team:Unlimited
Cinematic Intro:Enabled
Pre-Match Requirement:0 Players
Pre-Match Timer:10 Seconds
Pre-Round Timer:10 Seconds
Equipment Delay:5 Seconds
Killcam:Show Killcam after the player dies
Scorestreak Delay:10 Seconds
Score Multiplier:1
Dynamic Map Elements:Disabled
Health and Damage
Friendly Fire:Enabled
Teamkill Kick Limit:Disabled
Headshots Only:Disabled
Hit Indicator:Enabled
Custom Classes
Lethal Equipment:Enabled
Tactical Equipment:Enabled
Field Upgrade:Enabled
Custom Classes:Enabled
Score Reset on Death:Enabled
Scorestreak Death Penalty:100%
Combat Bow:Default
Spy Plane:Default
Counter Spy Plane:Default
Sentry Turret:Default
Care Package:Default
Death Machine:Default
Air Patrol:Default
Napalm Strike:Default
Cruise Missile:2000
War Machine:Default
Attack Helicopter:Default
Strafe Run:Default
VTOL Escort:Default
Chopper Gunner:Default