1. The tournament will be played on April 3rd 2021.
  2. This tournament is variable start. Teams have a choice of 10am – 12pm EST or 5pm – 8 pm EST and can be selected in the signup process.
  3. Each player in the tournament MUST join our discord @
  4. Each player in the tournament MUST follow all sponsors for this event to qualify for prizes at:
  5. If your stat profile is turned to private for the tournament you will be automatically disqualified. Refer to the picture below on how to set your stats to public.
  6. Tournament registration will be closed ONE day before the tournament.
  7. All WarZone Online tournaments will be Cross-platform and all platforms are able to play!
  8. All teams must have minimum ONE person streaming on the team. All players on PC must stream. VOD’s must be saved to channel for varication purposes.
  9. Each player must have minimum 100 games played.
  10. All teams play for three hours from either 10am-1pm EST or 5pm-8pm EST and submit their best 4 games. Games started before OR after the tournament start/end times will not count.
  11. When you submit your teams registration, please ensure the players ACTIVISION usernames are correct and INCLUDE the #numbers. If the ACTIVISION account you submitted and the in game names don’t match, those people will not be able to play. Please enter you and your teams battlenet, PSN account or Xbox live account info with the Activision account info upon entry.

    Player 1#1234
    Player 2#1234

    Player 1#1234
    Player 2#1234
  12. Prize Pool is $1000 CND and top three are paid out. Prizes are as follows:
    1st: $600CND
    2nd: $300CND
    3rd: $100CND
  13. Prizes and results will be posted within 24 hours of the latest game played.
  14. Teams are required to send in proof of top 4 games within one hour of their picked end time. Team’s who don’t send in their times within this time frame will be considered a forfeit.
  15. If a cheater kills you and you miss out on placement points, please send proof and you will be credited the next placement available. All proof must be without a doubt clear that it’s a cheater or it will not be approved.
    EXAMPLE: If you’re in 5th place and you die to a cheater you would be credited 4th place.
  16. It’s every players responsibility to ensure they have proof of their wins. We suggest that at least one person streams but all records matches or takes pictures of the score board. If there’s a dispute, you have to show proof of your win via VIDEO. You submit your proof by messaging RSG Albo#8217 on the RSG discord.
  17. RSG has the right to challenge any scores or game play. If this happens you will have to submit video proof of all game play in question. Failure to do so will result in DQ.
  18. Once the tournament has started you can no longer change team players, but if you need to change a player before the tournament you can do so up to 1 day before the tournament.
  19. RSG reserves the right to change these guidelines and rules at anytime.


Game Rules

  1. Finding a Match: Games will be played as follows:
    Trios: All players will join one lobby and search for a trio’s game. Games must start no earlier or later than your picked start/end time. Only games from the 3hour time period will count towards points for this tournament.
  2. Discord: All teams must have all persons join the RSG Discord @
  3. Win Condition: The winning team will be determined by the team with the largest number of points in their best four (4) games. 
  4. Points System:
    1 point per kill

    1st = 15 points
    2nd = 10 points
    3rd = 7 points
    4th = 4 points
    5th = 2 point
  5. Cross Platform: Players can play on either PS4 Console, Xbox console or PC. CROSS MUST BE ENABLED to play in this tournament. Failure to do so will result in disqualification. 
  6. Reporting: Players pick and send in their best four (4) games in form of VIDEO CLIP or PICTURE to “RSG Albo#8217” in the RSG discord. Players must include team name when reporting scores.
  7. Cheating: Any players suspected of cheating in any way will be automatically disqualified and no refund will be available. All games will be checked against cod stat tracker and any team that tries to cheat their scores will be disqualified.  To best protect yourself, you should try to have as many players record as possible incase of an dispute. 

Tournament Play

  1. Default Start Time: All teams are to start playing at 10am or 5pm EST depending on what time slot you picked. Games that start after 1pm or 8pm will not be credited. Games that run longer than the stated end times will be credited as long as they start before.


RSG has the right to challenge any games they feel could be altered in anyway. Please ensure to take proper proof of your matches. We suggest at least one (1) player recording the game play but if all three (3) players can record, then you should do so.

  1. Players pick and send in their best four (4) games in form of video clips to “RSG Albo#8217” in the RSG discord. Players must include team name when reporting scores.
  2. All scores must be sent in no later than ONE hour after selected end time.

RSG Tournament Officials

The list blow are a list of your Tournament Officials and their contact info. We highly suggest that you add these people to your clients for quick and efficient access in the case that issues arise during the tournament. We are all here to help you out as best we can. You can contact anyone on this list at anytime if you have questions! As stated above, we will not tolerate any abuse whatsoever.

RSG Albo

  • DiscordID: RSG Albo#8217
  • Email:
  • Facebook Contact: (click send message)
  • Activision: RSG Albo#9298488


  • DiscordID: Ty#8013
  • Email:
  • Activision: Stringman#9262893