RSG League Rules

  1. Minimum one player from each team must join our discord @ and all players must be on the RSG discord during their match.
  2. The league will be played on Saturdays at 2pm EST or 3pm EST (depending on your scheduled match).
  3. The league starts November 27th 2021 and will run for 9 weeks. 7 weeks of round robin – 2 weeks of playoffs.
  4. This league is invite only.
  5. The league is 4v4 and each team can have a max of 6 players.
  6. All players MUST stream. Stream links must be provided upon registration.
  7. All playoff games in main bracket are best of 5 and double elimination.
  8. All games in losers bracket are one and done and search and destroy.
  9. All games will be played using Call of Duty League in-game settings- CDL Rules. Rules can be found HERE!
  10. All matches will be hosted in a 1,3,5 manner with the home team hosting first. For playoffs the seeding number determines who hosts first.
  11. All CDL rules with the latest GA will apply to these games.
  12. Registration will cost $50 a team.
  13. The tournament will be LIVE STREAMED & commentated @
  14. Prize pool is $800 CND and winner takes all.
  15. RSG reserves the right to change these rules at anytime.

***RSG will be streaming TWO matches weekly. Three matches will start at 2pm EST and the second casted match will start directly following the first casted match. If you’re the second casted match, this means your match could start 30mins-1hour after 2pm EST. Please keep note of which weeks your team is being casted second and make note of the later start time. Please be online and ready to start when that match ends.***

Search and Destroy
Activate CDL Search and Destroy. (No other changes needed)

Maps:Tuscan, Castle, Berlin, Bocage, Demyansk.

Activate CDL Hardpoint. (No other changes needed)

Maps:Tuscan, Castle, Berlin, Bocage, Demyansk.


  1. The host of each map is listed on the match details page
  2. The non-hosting team of the map gets to choose which team they begin on
  3. For matches that go last map, the team that won or had most rounds/points combined from the previous maps will host the last map. If the rounds are tied then the team with the best seed (tournaments) and best rank (XP and cash matches) will host the last map
  4. For any HP/SND match that goes to the last map, the team that wins the Search and Destroy would be the hosting team for the last map. 

Effective 5pm EST 11/10 the bayonet Underbarrel attachment is restricted from use in tournaments and ladder matches.
All items restricted in the CDL Gamemode are banned on CMG

Assault Rifles:

Type 100

Top Break

All Marksman Rifles
Combat Shield

Bayonet Underbarrel
ALL ASSAULT RIFLE Magazine Attachments
Here is a link to what all default AR magazines would look like in your kill cam » Click Here

The following scorestreaks ARE allowed:
Glide Bomb
Strafing Run
Bombing Run

Input: Controller only

Usage of Restricted Items

Usage of a restricted item in a live supported match or tournament will result in a forfeit of the most recent round played. If you see your opponents using a restricted item you must leave the game the following round and request an admin in your match chat for further assistance. 

PC Stream Requirements:
All PC players must stream with past broadcasts enabled so the VOD of the match is available. All streams are required to have audio (gameplay and voice communication) during matches. Voice changers are not allowed. 

Live Support Matches:

  1. You are responsible to stream every match you play with past broadcasts enabled regardless if your opponent requests or not. 
  2. If the opposing team cannot provide stream proof before the match start time you must treat it as a no show. You can dispute the match and request an admin in your match chat for assistance. 

Enabling Past Broadcasts:

  1. For assistance enabling your past broadcasts, please refer to this video: Once you change this setting, you must turn your stream off and back on again so the setting saves. 
  2. All players are required to leave their past broadcasts up for AT LEAST 72 hours following their match to combat any hacking accusations that are made.
  3.  If your past broadcasts are not enabled, deleted, or are edited in any way, it will be at the admins discretion to issue a replay, forfeit, or cancel of the match.


  1. Here at RSG we have a zero-tolerance policy for anyone who is cheating/hacking in any way. If we find that you are using a 3rd party software/device to cheat you will be permanently banned from the league and all future events. 
  2. Admins may require additional proof from any user who we may suspect of cheating/hacking. Failure to provide additional proof may result in a ban/forfeit of your match.


Search and Destroy

  1. With all private matches being ran through dedicated servers we will not be issuing round replays unless everyone in the lobby was lagging. Proof of lag from more than one member’s perspective must be submitted so long as the match is larger than a 1v1 to ensure it is the server lagging and not the individual player’s connection.
  2. In the event of the host leaving the game or their game crashing it will crash the dedicated server. If the host crashes the dedicated server after 15 seconds OR after a first blood has been made the hosting team will forfeit the round. 


  1. With all private matches being ran through dedicated servers we will not be issuing map replays unless everyone in the lobby was lagging. Proof of lag from more than one member’s perspective must be submitted so long as the match is larger than a 1v1 to ensure it is the server lagging and not the individual player’s connection.
  2. If there is a disconnection the game must be completed. The player may be reinvited and rejoin during the match to be finished.

Using any in game exploit will result in a forfeit of the round or map depending on the severity of the exploit eg:

  1. Planting/defusing through unbroken destructible structures
  2. Going to out of bounds “glitch” spots

Wong Rules:

  1. If the hosting team hosts the wrong rules, you must submit in-game proof of the rules being wrong. If the rules are found to be wrong the hosting team will forfeit 1 round. In the scenario of it being 5-5 round count, if a banned item is used and that team wins the round to go 6-5, that team will be deducted a round meaning the team that caused the offense would be 4-5 down.
  2. If there are wrong rules and a match is played to completion it will stand unless the affected rule being broken only affects the final round.
  3. If your team is listed to host a map and your team decides to let your opponents host and the rules are wrong, it is the admin’s discretion if the round will be forfeited or not for wrong rules.

Submitting Proof / Activison ID

All proof must be in video format

  1. If you do not use a DVR feature, you risk your proof being considered “Insufficient.” We HIGHLY suggest you use your console’s DVR feature for proof.
  2. For proof to be considered valid, it must have the full scoreboard with gamertags and all applicable game information including the proof method used for the game, with the proof being clear enough for staff to read it.
  3. If you are unable to provide valid proof of winning your match, you risk receiving a loss or the match being replayed.
  4. Conversations outside of RSG may not be considered valid proof; this includes, but is not limited to: Twitter conversations, PMs, Skype, or messages through Xbox Live or PlayStation Network. This means messages are NOT a form of valid proof.

Activision ID

  1. Your Acitivison ID must match exactly how it is displayed on your Call of Duty profile. In the event that a gamer tag does not match your match details page, you must treat it as a no show. 
  2. Your Activision ID is located on the top right corner of the multiplayer menu, or if you hit Options > Account > Activision Account. We need the Activision ID including the “#1234” if they are present. 
  3. RSG reserves the right for our administrators to approve of a gamertag in some instances. The opponents will be notified and an RSG Tournament Admin must approve.
  4. If a match is played to completion on incorrect Activision IDs, the outcome of the match will stand.